Friday, January 20, 2012

31 Weeks

Me in 31st week.9 more weeks to go.InsyaAllah.
Preparation done so far;

For baby;
  • Breastpump - done
  • Rompers and baby suit - done [bought bout 6-8pairs,add on later]
  • Mitten and booties - done
  • Barut baby - done [got from sis in law ;) ]
  • Burp cloths - done
  • Baby towel - done
  • Baby blanket - done (thinking buying 1more,we havent bought any hooded blanket)
  • Bibs- done
  • Waterproof changing mat -done
  • Bath tub - done
  • Cloth napkin - think we r going to use diapers,just standby
  • Travel mattress

Pending preparation :

  • Storage and feeding bottles 
  • Bottle brush and cleaner
  • Baby fabric antibac cleaner
  • Baby toiletries (bodywash,lotion etc)
  • Thermometer
  • Nail clipper+baby comb
  • Minyak telon/yuyee
  • Nappy rash cream
  • Diapers
  • Wet tissues
  • Baby cot,mattress&accesories - [ its my dream to have my baby sleep in cot,but think I have to put this behind since our budget is very tight ;( ]
  • Stroller & baby car seat- [this one also difficult for us to agree and buy,still looking for suitable one,esp baby car seat coz think i will really needing this since im gonna be a driving working mommy]

For Mommy ;

  • Bengkung - done [bought from,even got the traditional bengkung from my mil,maybe i will be needing the modern one since most probably i will 'berpantang' here alone with encek somi]
  • Confinement set - not yet [ still thinking going to buy Jamu2 set or supplements from Shaklee,which 1 better ek?hmmm]
  • Nursing bras - not done
  • Nipple cream - not done
  • Breast & maternity pads - not done
  • Research on confinement menus - not done yet  =D ,independent mommy huh?hope so.haha
Humm still a lot of shopping to do huh? quite a numbers i think.
Harap dipermudahkan olehNya.
Niat untuk fully breastfeed baby dan bersemangatnye bought medela freestyle breastpump, kalau niat kita suci dan baik,semoga dibantu olehNya.amin.

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Ghab Van Hal said...

oit buncit, bila due?