Monday, September 27, 2010


Entry sal aku nk resign.
Officially,i handed my resignation letter to my boss last friday,24th September 2010.
So 24th October 2010 should be my last working day,last day to fulfill my duty as a Project Engineer supir in LYL Eng. SB.heh.humm.

Difikir2,byk benda aku korbankan tuk come out ngan dis solution.
Ntah nape yg aku pkir,kalo aku xkeje mcmmane aku nk baya kete,nk baya total liabiliti yg berjumlah almost 2k each month.hmmph.but i did watever i need to do.
Why should i resign?

1.Im not enjoying my job anymore(main reason ofcos)
thats the reason i went to work everyday but never did my job!heh.makan gaji bute!adeyai.sori mr.boss.hukhuk.sbb tu la arini aku maseh berblogging tatkala jam 1040 yg mane jam 1200 spatutnye aku submit document kt client yg aku langsung xwat lg. :) mmg ade potensi dibuang keje disayangi bos.

2.I miss my husband
im looking forward to stay together with him :)  gud news is aku dapat intebiu keje kt terengganu.1st intebiu mase raye aritu,n alhamdulillah that company  called me for the 2nd intebiu this friday at HQ shah alam.Ya Allah aku mohon murah rezeki drMu.amin.aku mohon juge doa dr kwn2 aku dpt keje ni.which means i can stay in terengganu with him and working at the same time so dat aku leh baya liabiliti aku tu every month.heh

3.I really need refreshment
heh.omos d same with 1st reason.i do not enjoying my current working environment therefore i should be started  looking for new environment.haha.i wonder myself how could i be working up to 50+ if in every 2years i get bored and need to switch job?hahah.that 1,let the time show me the way.i do what i hv to do! :P

Walopon sbnanye my boss xbrapa approved resignation aku tuh,tp aku da ttp hook or by crook.24thoctober2010,gudbye LYL. =)

To Encek Suami,besedia la yer,even i havent be hired by anybody by that time,u hv to prepare ur pocket and mental in order to wait for jobless me. wink wink,luv ya! (^-^)v

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Doa Kasih Sayang

[Borrowed from isuhangat]


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mood Swing

everything seems not right...
my back hurts so much,my period in mess,my job is not enjoyable,
i miss my husband,i miss my family,and everything is not at the right place or the right time..
Ya Allah,give me strength to face this..
What im hoping for now?
I wish i did not have this backache,
I wish i have my period normally,
I wish im not working here anymore,
I wish im happier...*sigh*
Lets make a wish,
In November,i should be starting new job somewhere else..
but for sure i will be not working with LYL Engineering anymore..
if there is no other job for me,then ill be jobless..huh..heh..
but that should be much better than working right now..