Friday, January 13, 2012

30 weeks pregnant

  • I am bigger and i am fussier. =D
  • My feet and hand are swollen and wont go even after night rest
  • I pee a lot at day and night, 3times per night is compulsory
  • Still got to go to site,which I hate most during this time,since my urgency to pee a lot,especially when I walk a lot (which has to be when at site) hmmphh
  • Back pain 
  • Difficulties to have comfortable position to sleep (most recommended to sleep on left side,but still hard to be comfortable sometimes)
However, I should not be complaining at all since our little precious is on her way to see us. About 10 weeks or less to see her. Is it a Her? Well,I really cant assure that myself,however we already got few 'her' names in mind to be choose later :)

Sneak peek into the womb at 29weeks ;

I can say she looks chubby on her cheeks (approximately 1.4kg) and inherited nose from both of us (bulat/hidung jambu aer..hihi).All we care and need is her to be healthy as a horse!Amin.
Still in the preparation mode to get ready to welcome her to our heaven in these few weeks coming .

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