Friday, May 27, 2011

New Job Again?

New workstation
After 2weeks stuck in Pulau Indah with new job,I had 2 new job offers and 1 interview offer.haihs.

Ok first we talk about 2 new job offers.1st with M&E company in Bukit Puchong which I went to the interview after about 1week in the new company.And the 2nd offer was from my old company.Actually before being back in KL,all my family had advised me to go back to them,but I refused(konon malu lah). :D but then after few discussions with my parents,hubby and also few friends,I decided to go back to old company.(hoho!kinda malu,sebab mcm da ludah jilat balik!haha)Sometimes feels a bit frustrated for I didnt accept the offer in the Bukit Puchong because the company seems better and more stable,and another thing that I can learn new things there,esp in Fire Fighting,Cool Water and Air-Cond systems.But well,salary still plays the main role to me now.The pay is better at the old company and since I am going to rent a house (all for me,not sharing with friends anymore)so I think I need better pay.Thats enough to conclude the chosen job for now :)

Ok 2nd is about the interview offer.I got the offer just about minutes after I confirmed to start work with my old Boss!Pretty right timing huh!Hmm..the offer was quite attractive since it was a Johor Corporation's subsidiary.But then again I think I had to let go another good opportunity since I already had made my choice ( I need to be here for another 1 year,at least for good reason for me and hubby,hopefully, insyaAllah).By the way, eventhough I had to let go of it,1 good thing from it  was I had reserved the place for my hubby!Soon after I got the offer,my hubby did applied for the job and straight away he got the offer too!(already went to the interview and already got the job offer,but yet still in discussion whether to take it or not)If he accept the offer,he will be working in Damansara and the best thing about this job offer is he will be staying with me,HERE in KL! =D. Pray the best for us ya friends!
Back to site jobs already :)
 So for now, I am working in my old Company in Kinrara.Almost 2weeks in here already.So far everything was going well.Ok btw,I am now renting a shop apartment(the units in ground floor were shops while houses in the upper floors) in Seri Kembangan,just nearby Equine Park.Will update about the house in later entry. Till then,wish me luck on hubby's job decision =)


ghab van hal said...

xde homewarming party ke?kekeke..

^ruset^ said...

haha ghab insyaAllah coming soon.buat masa skrg agk xteratur lg hidup.if laki aku knfem duk sini lg akan usahakan utk wt housewarming tu.hehe :D