Thursday, January 20, 2011

oh how i wish....

ohh how i wish..i live in fairy tale land
ohh how i wish..i am rich and powerful
ohh how i wish..i have big mansion with maids
ohh how i wish..i can spent 'ka-ching' on everything i want

but well, all of it seems ridiculous and impossible to reach by me..haha
yet there how i wish so much that i can even dream on these...

ohh how i wish.. i have job here in terengganu
ohh how i wish..i can live with my husband in our own house
ohh how i wish..i have salary to spent on items i want appropriately
ohh how i wish..i will have babies soonnn.. =D
ohh how i husband is more romantic than ever..hahahaha
ohh how i wish..i can have my own kitchen and cook what i want to eat
ohh how i wish..i am always grateful and be happy with i have now,

but i am still grateful with all what Allah had gave to us,just sometimes i am not happy with the reality that i actually can have what i wish for ,just i do not have the chances yet..Ya ALLAH,please show us the way,amin.


nour zea said...

Babe..damn miss u

^ruset^ said...

uit.miss u too. :) damn miss my old life too.