Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mr. Andrew Paul Tugwell

Andy texting to my sis

Spent couple day together with andy and yue (nephew).Its his 2nd visit to Malaysia for Yue n family this time.1st time was during my wedding,and he was a big help with my doorgift  the night before the wedding. :) He did talk a lot while with us,so when he left we dearly miss him around us.During his stay with me this time(which 2weeks before in Kelantan with my family),i brought us to Genting Highland and had steamboat at Flaming.It was like we were in 2 different team while at Flaming,me alone in the tomyum team,Andy n Yue in soup team since both of them do not favor hot n spicy tongue did not even taste any hot or spicy flavour in the TomYum though.It was farewell in the Monday morning which i was summoned by JPJ on my way back home from the LCCT bcause of the expired driving since July which i do not realise at all till the day.hehe.Till we meet again Andy! we'll be missing u till ur next visit,maybe next year? ;)


syarina azreen said...

wow..proud ade foreigner usha culture kite such as wedding kan..anyway..aku mata 4 pun terkebil2 gak nk baca entry mu ni..kecik sngt font..hehehe

^rusit^ said...

hehe sowi syena..aku wt kicik2 sbb xmo org bace napok byk grammar mu bace gk :P

Azrul Hisham said...

salam ziarah :)

Jom guling-guling disini,
Azrul Hisham -My Real Life